Collect the bikes/ Drop off the bikes in Kigali or Gisenyi (the other way around)


Motorcycle rental are there for self-guided tour, as we do not obligate people to ride in any groups. You can contact us about creating a Self-Guided “RIDE" itinerary that  include motorcycle friendly accommodation, attractions and local maps package (all customized to your need). You would essentially be your own “guide,” which means it’s still possible to experience the same route that the guided tours go on, only it won’t be as convenient as having another rider or a guide. You will have to pay for all your fuel, hotels, meals, transfers, etc.


Do you need appropriate motorcycle jackets, pants and gloves? We have got your size!

Bike Model: 250cc RMC INDAKANGWA


Rental price/ Day

1-2 Days    = US$ 35

3-7 Days    = US$ 33

8-20 Days  = US$ 30

21+ Days   = US$ 28


Included in Rental

For the Rider:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Luggage storage

For the Bike:

  • Top Box and 2 side boxes
  • Puncture Repair Kit
  • Fuel – Start your rental with a full tank and return the same.

Additional Extras

For the Rider:

  • Driver Helmet – Included in the rental price
  • Passenger Helmet –  US $ 5 per day / US$ 20 per week
  • Riding Suit (Jacket, Pants & Gloves) – US$ 9 per day / US$ 45 per week
  • Rain Suit – US$ 5 per day / US$ 20 per week

For the Bike:

  • One way fee (pickup and drop off at different locations) = US$45


  • Pickup from Kigali International Airport to your booked hotel in Kigali or our Address Location - US$ 45 (rent from Kigali)
  • Pickup from Kigali International Airport to our Address in Gisenyi - US$ 100

Price available from The 1st of September 2020 to The 30th of December 2020