Tour categories


All of our motorcycle tours have been studied in depth, in order to provide each adventurer the maximum riding experience in a safe 

and comfortable environment while riding on and/or off-road.

Looking for an adventure ride? Looking for a more relaxing holiday trip? We have something right for you, from leisurely day and weekend rides to endure rides on and off-road tracks. We can promise you a choosing life time experience on a bike in Africa. 



If you prefer to ride independently we can design one based on your own personal requirements: choose the dates you want to ride with us, a more tourist or off-the-beaten-track route, a more ethnic, historical or scenery focused tour or simply the sites you want to visit. Tell us what you enjoy the most_ tarmac or off-road, a mix of the two or a more technical ride...We will try our best to accommodate all your wishes and send you one or more itineraries to meet your desires.

Guided tours

Ride for fun

The best of the off-road :) is here  :) 

Can only recognize the fingers prints, the black piece of helmet in the village!

City Tours, all in the package you can have.



Adventure Congo Nile TRAIL

The tour starts from Gisenyi ends in Rusizi/Kamembe (three days).


Rwanda Congo Nile Trail traverses a scenic stitch work of dirt roads, tarmac road, lakeside single-track, and a rerouted pass through the forested "Nyungwe National Park".


National Park tour



- Kigali City Tour,

- Community and Youth Village,

- Lake Muhazi and Lake kivu,

- Museums, Forests and Mountains

- Akagera National Park,

- Nyungwe Narional Park,

- Volcanoes National Park


You can rent one of our motorcycles from KIGALI and GISENYI.  45USD/Day, the price includes 18% VAT.