Collect the bikes/ Drop off the bikes in Kigali or Gisenyi (the other way around)

Motorcycle rental are there for self-guided tour, as we do not obligate people to ride in any groups. You can contact us about creating a Self-Guided “RIDE" package that can even include a full hotel, attractions and local maps package.

Just as it appears, Instead of having a riding guide, you would have some combination of a hotel package, a road book or route notes, maps, or possibly national parks, and other arrangements that we prepare to make the trip easy for you. You would essentially be your own “guide,” which means it’s still possible to experience the same route that the guided tours go on, only it won’t be as convenient as having another rider or a group to follow along with, by the time you will have to pay for all your fuel, hotels, meals, transfers, etc.

Rent a Motorcycle - One Day


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Motorcycle Rental Includes

  • Motorcycle Rental for duration specified
  • 3 lockable cases (top case and side cases)
  • Mandatory 3rd Party Liability Insurance with 1,200 USD deductible
  • Maximum 155 miles per day
  • Basic/lower crash bars to protect the motorcycle
  • Phone support in case of any breakdowns/problems
  • Taxes
  • Local Maps
  • Motorcycle delivery to any hotel in RUBAVU


Motorcycle Rental does Not Include

  •   Fuel
  • Motorcycle Damage Waiver (lowers the deductible for liability of damage to the motorcycle from $1200 up to $800 USD. Price is $45 USD per rental day)
  • Transfers from/to the airport
  • Mileage over 155 miles per day, charged at  1USD per mile
  •   *Prices are subject to change due to currency exchange rates between USD and Rfw


All the price including VAT of 18%