CIRCUIT DESIGNER & Local tour guide

All of our motorcycle tours have been studied in depth, in order to provide each adventurer the maximum riding experience in a safe and comfortable environment while riding on and/or off-road with our experienced guides, you will enjoy more.


Tonchi Antony,

Our Circuit Designer


Herr Tonchi (Our German Guide),


has been in Rwanda for more than 10 Years, and every day of his stay is on a ride in the country.

He has designed best itineraries that will give you an unforgettable motorcycle long-life memories in the country of thousand hills. He has had several motorcycle tours in European and Asian countries. His zeal and experience was useful while making itineraries that meet everyone's expectations.


Vincent KAGABO

Our Circuit Designer & Tour Guide


Vincent KAGABO

Our Circuit Designer & Tour Guide


Vincent KAGABO (Our Local Tour Guide)


Our Circuit Designer and Tour Guide

Graduated from “Rwanda Tourism University College”, holds a Bachelor's Degree in "Travel and Tourism Management" has an experience of over ten years riding motorcycles all around in Rwanda. Has got 7 years serving as Tourism and Hospitality Trainer and working as a professional guide for his students and international tourists from all over the world. He has got an insight of African Hotels, he will makes a better recommendation of Accommodation, Food and Beverage experience suitable for Motorcycle riders, and was trained from different hotels in Europe/Germany.

Looking for an adventure ride? Looking for a more relaxing holiday trip?


We have something right for you, from leisurely day and weekend rides to endure rides on and off-road tracks.


We can promise you a choosing life-time experience on a bike in Africa.


Our Tour Guides, will show you the best motorcycle corners and attractions in cities and rural locations of Africa.